ZS Kick Shield 071


An incredible punch, kick and body shield designed exclusively for MMA training. XXL size is crafted exclusively for MMA punches, strikes, kicks, elbows, knees and more with little impact on the trainer. Extra reinforced nylon handles on back are designed for multiple target positions – both tall and wide – options. A full 8″ of multi-layered super impact, shock absorbing foams for incredible striking density.

Brand: Custom
Model: Kick shield
Color: Grey/Black/Blue/White/Orange/Red/Print Custom
Material: Synthetic Leather/ Cowhide Pure Leather


Tell us your demand to fulfill your desire,any Design, logo and printing is possible according to client’s requirements.

We make state-of-the-art Boxing/MMA sports Kick Shield that combines the best materials with some technological innovations that ensures a high performance and safety training.

Zedlersports Kick Shield are perfect for any type of training (bag work, mitts work, soft sparring) or competition.

Zedlersports sports mitts are made with high quality genuine leather, also available in PU artificial leather.


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